Microsoft 365 Branding & Uplift


A business organisation facing a series of IT challenges that hindered its operations and security approached Real Bytes for assistance. We found their Microsoft 365 environment lacked cohesive branding, leading to an inconsistent and unprofessional user experience. Additionally, the organisation grappled with the need to enhance security, particularly in terms of identity management and foreign location-based login restrictions. Meeting audit requirements for compliance was another pressing concern.

Process & Solutions

  • Custom Branding

    We utilised our expert IT services to revamp the business’s Microsoft 365 environment. The first step was to address branding inconsistencies. We collaborated closely with Ill’s team to develop a custom branding strategy that reflected their corporate identity. Implementing branded themes, logos, and colours across Microsoft 365 applications ensured a unified and professional appearance for all users.

  • Security Group Design

    To bolster security, we designed and implemented a well-structured security group hierarchy within Microsoft 365. This streamlined access control, ensuring that only authorised personnel could access sensitive data and applications. Group memberships were meticulously managed to align with business roles and responsibilities.

  • Foreign Location-Based Login Restrictions

    In order to mitigate security risks, we implemented login restrictions based on foreign locations. This added layer of security prevented unauthorised access attempts from unfamiliar or high-risk locations. By configuring geolocation-based access policies, we ensured that Ill’s digital assets remained protected against potential threats.

  • Audit-Ready Compliance

    Meeting audit requirements was a critical objective for Ill. We meticulously configured logging and auditing settings within Microsoft 365 to capture relevant data and ensure compliance readiness. This included defining audit policies, setting up automated alerts, and establishing a robust audit trail for tracking user activities.

The Outcome

Through a comprehensive overhaul of their Microsoft 365 environment, Ill experienced significant improvements in both branding and security. The introduction of custom branding elements created a consistent and professional user experience, enhancing the organisation’s image.

The implementation of well-structured security groups and foreign location-based login restrictions fortified Ill’s security posture, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and potential data breaches. Additionally, the organisation was now audit-ready, with a robust audit trail and compliance measures in place to meet regulatory requirements.

This case study underscores the transformative power of strategic IT services. By addressing branding and security concerns, we empowered Ill to strengthen its digital presence, safeguard sensitive data, and ensure compliance readiness. Through ongoing collaboration and proactive IT solutions, Ill is poised for continued success in its digital journey.

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