Corporate & Enterprise Infrastructure

Customer demands and an ever-evolving digital landscape require business organisations to have robust, technologically-advanced IT infrastructures to allow them to remain competitive, work smarter and satisfy stakeholder expectations.

At Real Bytes we offer a comprehensive suite of corporate and enterprise IT infrastructure solutions required to operate and manage business environments. We tailor all IT solutions to our clients’ specifications, and pride ourselves on swift delivery, streamlined efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Tools & services we support

We work with world-class partners to provide a vast range of IT tools, services and support for corporate enterprises.

From assistance with sourcing and procurement, to set-up, onboarding, maintenance, and training, we provide a comprehensive suit of IT services to make it easy for our clients to achieve the maximum benefit these services provide.

Real Location GPS Tracking Systems

Real Location GPS Tracking Systems feature three primary products: The Smart Track App, Personal Tracker, and Vehicle Tracker. Ranging from simple, single-person solutions to multiple-user, real-time alerts and alarms, their reporting and support systems are comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient.

Tracking systems may be used to monitor the elderly, family, or people with disabilities, track those involved in outdoor, remote, or long distance activities, or to monitor a field deployed workforce while also providing back to base alerts.


Real Bytes employs Microsoft hardware and software to grant clients efficient, dependable means to work and communicate. Services we provide in conjunction with Microsoft include Office 365 installation and maintenance, management of users and computers across large-scale sites, Outlook setup and administration, and Windows installations and re-imaging on user devices.

Cisco Meraki

Real Bytes employs Cisco Meraki communications technology to provide networking equipment, monitoring and administration software, and device management solutions. Cisco Meraki allows for the monitoring and control of a large number of sites, linking multiple business locations, and the management of fleets of devices such as iPads and mobile phones.


Kisi provides security devices and systems both reliable and powerful, including smartphone-controlled door locks, high resolution surveillance cameras, intrusion detection system, and more. Real Bytes works with Kisi throughout the installation process when securing clients’ offices or homes, diligently managing the process at every stage.


TeamViewer is a centralised remote management and monitoring tool, allowing teams to collaborate remotely with ease. Its features are powerful and multifaceted, including remote device and network monitoring, asset and patch management, software deployment, endpoint protection and web monitoring, and backup management. As comprehensive a tool as any, TeamViewer is readly applied by Real Bytes to service their clients’ remote management requirements.


Malwarebytes offers up-to-date, powerful protection and clean-up solutions with ‘set and forget’ ease of use. Ideal for small businesses, it stops infections, ransomware, protecting devices and data from cyber criminals. At a time when external attacks by bad actors are on the increase, Real Bytes is dedicated to securing their clients’ services, software, and data to the highest degree possible.

The Full Cisco Suite

Real Bytes offers clients the comprehensive Cisco suite—a broad array of industry standard security technology.

Cisco Umbrella offers versatile cloud-delivered security, combining multiple functions into a single solution, allowing for data protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere.

Cisco Secure Cisco’s security product portfolio. It allows for integrated, accessible security solutions for organisations of any size, industry, client base, and infrastructure. Unmatched in data protection, it is powerful, cutting edge, adaptable, and fundamentally user-friendly.

Ensure smooth business operations with our corporate & enterprise IT infrastructure solutions