Procurement & Support

At Real Bytes we understand how critical hardware is to business operations – and the complexities of getting hardware infrastructure in place.

In addition to ensuring you have the right devices, there is also the cost factor and ongoing maintenance to take into account.

This is why we offer comprehensive hardware services, including procurement, installation, maintenance and repair as well as hardware Engineering and Maintenance services.

Hardware Procurement

We offer a one-stop managed procurement service in which our dedicated team of IT procurement specialists provide advice, recommendations and competitive quotes for all your hardware requirements.

With the constant state of evolution, it can be a daunting task to find the best possible solutions from the endless options. Our managed hardware procurement services ensures you can rest assured your end users will be equipped with the best devices for the job.

In identifying the best hardware solutions for your business, we work closely with you in addressing the following key considerations:


We assess your current needs in regards to devices.


We take into account potential future demands on the device.


We evaluate where the relevant devices stand in their product lifecycle.

Technological Advancements

We keep an eye on emerging technologies on the horizon.

We partner with trusted named brands that offer high quality control products, support and warranty services.

Working with a wide network of partners means we can provide you with competitive pricing on all your hardware requirements.

Hardware Procurement

Your business’s operational success relies heavily on its hardware infrastructure.

This is why Real Bytes provides all-encompassing services for hardware installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Our proficient technicians are well-versed in a wide array of tasks, spanning hardware upgrades, installations, routine maintenance, and prompt repairs, ensuring the continuous reliability of your hardware infrastructure.

Hardware Engineering and Maintenance services

We offer a range of hardware engineering and maintenance services designed to help keep your hardware infrastructure in top condition to ensure optimum performance.

Our experienced technicians are proficient in and can assist you with hardware upgrades, installations, routine maintenance, and swift repairs, guaranteeing the reliability and consistent functionality of your hardware infrastructure.

We understand the critical part IT systems play in ensuring uninterrupted operation of your business operations. Which is why at Real Bytes we offer IT maintenance and repair services.

We provide hardware solutions to
meet your business needs.