Enabling Outdoor Learning

Client Overview

A forward-thinking state school in QLD, recognised the importance and benefits of integrating technology into outdoor learning experiences. Being familiar with our previous work with numerous educational institutes, they approached us to develop a comprehensive outdoor wireless network solution.

Knowing that we had the experience, knowledge and capability to carry out the project effectively, as well as a team equipped with the required worker screening clearance (Blue Cards), went a long way in giving the school staff peace of mind throughout this project.

The Challenge

The school aimed to create an outdoor learning environment where students could seamlessly use their educational devices beyond the traditional classroom setting. This required establishing a robust wireless network infrastructure that could withstand outdoor conditions and provide reliable connectivity throughout the school premises.

Process & Solutions

Real Bytes Pty Ltd collaborated closely with the school and key personnel to address this challenge.

The project involved the following key steps:

  • Needs Assessment

    We conducted a thorough needs assessment to understand the school’s specific requirements, taking into consideration the educational goals and the desire for outdoor learning, budget considerations and the need for minimal disruption to the school’s day-to-day operations. This initial thorough assessment allowed us to identify solutions promptly and effectively, paving the way for the next steps.

  • Vendor Selection

    We evaluated various hardware vendors to identify the most suitable wireless equipment that could withstand environmental factors while delivering strong, consistent connectivity.

  • Network Planning

    The Real Bytes team meticulously planned the placement and access points for the outdoor wireless network, ensuring seamless coverage across the entire school grounds.

  • Departmental Compliance

    To ensure compliance with educational standards and regulations, we followed Department of Education guidelines (QEDSOA-99983) throughout the project.

  • Collaboration

    We worked collaboratively with network operations and regional system technicians to coordinate the deployment of the outdoor wireless network.

The Outcome

The successful implementation of the outdoor wireless network at State School in QLD had several significant outcomes:

  • Enhanced Learning

    Students now have the freedom to engage in innovative learning experiences outdoors, incorporating technology into their education.

  • Reliable Connectivity

    The outdoor wireless network provides consistent and reliable connectivity across the school premises, enabling seamless, undisrupted learning.

  • Collaborative Success

    The project exemplified Real Bytes Pty Ltd’s ability to collaborate effectively with various stakeholders and navigate complex network requirements.

  • A successful partnership

    We were happy for the opportunity to work with this QLD state school to deliver innovative IT solutions that enhance the educational experience they can offer to their students. By helping them overcome the challenges of building an outdoor wireless network, we were able to empower the school to embrace technology in outdoor learning, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational environment. This case study is just one example of how Real Bytes leverages its expertise to drive positive outcomes for clients in the education sector.

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