SASE Consultancy Services

SASE is a framework that combines network security and wide-area networking (WAN) capabilities into a single cloud-based service to enable organisations to provide secure and optimised access to cloud applications and data from anywhere, using any device, without compromising security or performance.

SASE empowers businesses to streamline their networking and security solutions, resulting in cost savings and simplified management.

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud-first strategies and remote work environments, and with rising threats in cybersecurity, SASE is becoming increasingly important for organisations seeking to enhance their digital operations.

Our SASE Consultancy services include assessment, advice, and assistance with implementation and integration while mitigating any risks of your transition.

Key aspects of our SASE Consultancy Services

Assessment & SASE Strategy

We assess your current network infrastructure, security posture, and business requirements to develop a tailored SASE implementation strategy.

Architecture & Design

We develop a SASE architecture that is aligned with your organisation’s needs, ensuring that it supports secure remote access, cloud-based applications, and data protection.

Vendor Advice & Selection

We can provide valuable advice on which SASE solution providers and technologies will best suit your organisation’s goals and budget.

Implementation & Integration

We can provide assistance with the implementation of SASE solutions and integration with existing systems, and enabling a smooth transition.

Security & Compliance

We implement security measures within the SASE framework to protect against cyber threats and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

User Training

We can provide training and guidance to users, educating them on how to effectively utilise and manage the SASE environment.

Troubleshooting & Support

We can provide ongoing support and troubleshooting services to address any issues and help to maintain the integrity of the SASE system.

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