Transitioning to modern learning

The Challenge

A Brisbane-based infant and primary school faced the challenge of transitioning from a single interactive whiteboard to having one in every learning space—an ambitious endeavour. The school leadership aimed to enrich the educational experience through advanced technology but needed guidance and expertise to navigate this transformation. Furthermore, the introduction of electronic whiteboards was relatively new in the market, requiring careful evaluation to ensure the investment was wise.

Process & Solutions

Real Bytes stepped in to collaborate closely with the school’s principal, leadership and teaching staff, understanding their educational goals and the scope of the project. Extensive research and evaluation were conducted to ensure that the integration of interactive whiteboards was a sensible and strategic investment.

Managing a substantial and long-term project, Real Bytes provided crucial support through budgeting, long-term planning, and ongoing prioritisation to meet evolving needs. Following the successful implementation of approximately 200 laptops as student devices across multiple sites, a product fault emerged, specifically concerning the hinges in a particular laptop model.

Real Bytes promptly responded by investigating and troubleshooting the fault, seeking to identify its root cause. Upon confirming that the issue was intrinsic to the product itself and not a result of student usage, the team compiled robust evidence. This evidence was instrumental in securing free replacements for the affected schools, minimising disruption and ensuring a seamless continuation of the project.

The Outcome

This case study not only highlights Real Bytes’ expertise in managing large-scale hardware implementations but also underscores the team’s ability to adeptly navigate unexpected challenges. The commitment to finding optimal solutions and advocating for the best interests of the school exemplifies Real Bytes’ dedication to its clients.

Through collaboration, research, and responsive troubleshooting, Real Bytes empowered the school to achieve its goal of having interactive whiteboards in every learning space. This project reflects Real Bytes’ commitment to enhancing educational environments, ensuring a technology-driven future for educational institutions.

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