Environmental Sustainability Goals & Services

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Our sustainability
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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Sustainability Goals

Customers are rightly demanding more eco-conscious behaviours from business. At Real Bytes we see prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives as far more than a virtuous trend, but a necessity for creating enduring value for shareholders, employees, and the wider community. As part of our commitment to doing our bit we have completed the industry-leading Environmental Sustainability Specialization certification through Cisco.

Environmental Sustainability Goals

Paperless Operations


Continue to Transition to a paperless office environment to reduce paper consumption and minimize the environmental impact associated with paper production and disposal.

Action Plan

Implement additional digital document management systems, encourage electronic communication and documentation internally and with clients, and educate employees on the importance of reducing paper usage.


Reduce paper usage and printing by 25% by end of year 2024.


Reduce out paper and printing usage by the business.
Current usage approx. 150K prints and paper documents produced a year.
Implement online SASS applications and reduce the business reliance on paper and printing.

Paper Reduction 2024

Our Progress So Far

Reduction in Energy Usage


Reduction in overall energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with our client business operations.

Action Plan

Implement energy-efficient technologies, optimize our data centre operations, and transition to renewable energy sources where feasible. Encourage the use of energy-efficient hardware and promote remote work to reduce the need for physical office space and commuting.


Reduce electrical usage by 25% by end of year 2024.


Decommission our onsite data centre and move all operations to the cloud.
Current rate – 1050 kW/h per month used.

Energy Usage Reduction 2024

Our Progress So Far

Cisco Certified!

Real Bytes has proudly achieved the Environmental Sustainability Specialization through the Cisco Partner Program.

We are dedicated to do business with clients who are actively making the right long term decisions:

  • Green Technologies Adoption

    Explore and invest in green technologies that align with your business operations, such as energy-efficient IT solutions or sustainable operations.

  • Collaboration with Industry Peers

    Collaborate with other companies to share best practices and collectively work towards industry-wide sustainability goals.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Establishing a continuous improvement process for ESG initiatives, regularly reviewing  goals based on evolving best practices and technological advancements.

  • ESG Integration in Decision-Making

    Integrating ESG considerations into the decision-making processes, ensuring that sustainability is a core factor in our strategic planning and daily operations.

Where do we start for our clients?

As a Managed IT provider we hope to extend our impact by supporting our clients on this transformative journey, guiding organizations towards their ESG aspirations. Where our clients share these goals we know that by working together we can leverage our IT services to bolstering corporate sustainability and carve a path for our clients and our own long-term business prosperity.

  • Embracing Environmental Excellence

    Managed IT services can be instrumental in diminishing the ecological footprint of businesses. We can prioritise energy-efficient technologies, cloud computing, and virtualization strategies. These will enable companies to reduce energy use, cut down on electronic waste, and lower carbon emissions, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Championing Social Responsibility

    Together we can be central to advancing social responsibility within corporations. We can foster an environment of inclusivity, diversity, and ethical conduct. Through robust cybersecurity measures, we guard sensitive customer and employee data, reinforcing privacy and building trust. Additionally, we enhance employee well-being and productivity by refining digital work environments and facilitating remote working models.

  • Governance for a Sustainable Future

    Effective governance is crucial for meeting ESG objectives. Real Bytes can ensure you are upholding strong IT governance, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing technological risks, and protecting intellectual property. We assist in the development and execution of IT policies and practices that align with a company’s ESG vision.

Sustainable Advantages

Collaborating with us as your Managed IT firm will bring about a broad spectrum of benefits aligned with ESG goals, including:

Cost Efficiency

By optimizing technology infrastructure and streamlining processes, managed IT services lead to significant operational cost savings


Offering adaptable solutions that evolve with the company’s growth, ensuring sustainable development and flexibility, While reducing expenses

Innovation Drive

Continuously evaluating the latest technological trends, fostering innovation and enhancing a company’s competitive edge. while reducing the environmental impact 

Risk Management

Evaluating, and mitigating IT-related risks, Environmental challenges & boosting business resilience and long-term stability.

Real Bytes is committed to making better use of our limited resources, and invested in the health, stability, and future of the planet.

We’re excited to announce that Real Bytes has achieved the Environmental  Sustainability Specialization through the Cisco Partner Program.

Together with Cisco, we are recycling for a sustainable future.

If you and your company share this vision we would love to work with you to achieve these goals together for a better future.