ThreatLocker®️ Cyber Hero

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

What is ThreatLocker® Cyber Hero Managed Detection & Response? (MDR)

CHMDR is an add-on to ThreatLocker® Detect that allows organizations to opt for the ThreatLocker® Cyber Heroes to monitor and respond to Indicators of Compromise (IoC). When ThreatLocker® Detect identifies suspicious activity in your environment, the Cyber Hero Team will review the alert to determine if there is a true IoC or a false positive. In the event of a cyber incident, the Cyber Hero will follow the customer’s runbook to either isolate or lock down the device and notify the customer. They will be able to identify additional information for the customer, including:

  • What the threat was
  • How initial access was gained
  • Where the threat originated
  • What the threat attempted to do
  • How the threat was blocked and mitigated

MDR Features

Our IT strategic planning ensures that your technology initiatives are closely aligned with and set-up to help achieve your organisation’s overall business objectives.

Alerts and Detection

Using industry-known indicators of compromise, ThreatLocker® Detect can identify and alert IT professionals that their organization may be under an attempted attack based on customizable thresholds and notification methods.

Leverage Knowledge

IT admins can easily share their own ThreatLocker® Detect policies or “shop” for vetted policies shared by their industry peers and the ThreatLocker® team.


Set policies to enable, disable, or create Application Control, Storage Control, or Network Control policies in response to specified observations.

Set Custom Thresholds

Policies can be tailored to alert and respond differently based on the threat level to reduce alert fatigue.

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