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Unlike its namesake, Malwarebytes is much more than just malware remediation. The company has forged ahead into the world of cyberprotection, privacy, and beyond.

Malwarebytes has seen a long and successful evolution of their product, from removing malware, to protecting devices, to ever-changing ways of increasing and ensuring comprehensive protection.

The company takes pride in delivering innovative, robust and dependable products, underpinned by cutting-edge technologies. This commitment has earned Malwarebytes a global reputation for trustworthiness, serving individuals and businesses of all sizes and institutions, from schools and hospitals, to government agencies and everything in between.

Thanks to their dedicated team of hundreds of researchers and innovators, they are steadfast in their pursuit of providing top-tier cyber protection.

We’re proud to partner with this tech pioneer to provide our clients the very best in malware, cybersecurity and more.


Malwarebytes is anti-malware software, applicable for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS. Its chief function is as a scanner, able to detect and extricate malicious software, spyware, and adware. Its functions are able to be tailored for use, able to perform scheduled scans, block IP addresses, and scan only what services, drivers, and programmes are in current use, as well as protect against rogue security software, malware, ransomware, exploit, and malicious websites. Since its inception in 2006, Malwarebytes has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in the healthy preservation of any online network, and for the functioning of a healthy, interconnected business.

Key Malwarebytes Solutions

  • Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response

    While a plurality of security solutions fail to prevent zero-day exploits, ransomware, and malicious downloads, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides total protection. It effects precise threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and thorough remediation, carefully designed for ease of use in any organisation, regardless of scope or size. Implementing innovative machine learning and AI to apply a patented goodware model, it embraces simplified management—a single dashboard with a user-friendly interface, rather than multiple consoles managing a variety of single-purpose tools. Further, Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides comprehensive cover against ransomware, malware, trojans, rootkits, backdoors, viruses, brute force attacks, and zero-day unknown threats. Chiefly, it fulfils the three primary requirements of any endpoint detection and response system. It is easy, effective, and efficient—non-disruptive, lightweight, and deploys within minutes. It also uses unique anomaly detection machine learning to detect threats, collecting detailed threat information, and removing executables, artefacts, and changes.

  • Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response for Servers

    At present, server security is of the utmost importance. While endpoint attacks are tiresome and impeding, attacks on a server can prove lethal. Servers contain all manner of critical data, such as financial information, intellectual property, and private, personal details, and any attack can then bring system-wide data loss, ransomware, and worse. Malwarebytes proactive server protection improves platform security posture, implementing innovative protective measures while also simplifying security and remediation through server policies and predefined security configurations. Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response offers cross-platform protection for servers, simplifying security via a single cloud console, allowing clients to reap the greatest benefits from limited resources within the cloud-based Malwarebytes Nebula platform. This intuitive tool allows visibility across an entire organisation, whereby endpoints, threats, and remediation can be managed easily and effectively. Malwarebytes Incident Response provides the industry standard in automated endpoint remediation. Dedicated systems enhance cyber resilience and incident response processes by compressing response times, offering greater operational efficiency through an automated approach saving time, preserving productivity, and improving security posture.

  • Malwarebytes for Teams

    Malwarebytes for Teams is a dedicated antivirus solution tailored for small teams or individuals, implementing behaviour-based technology to detect and block emerging cyber-threats in real time. It takes full advantage of multi-layered technology to provide protection against malware and viruses, spyware and scams, phishing sites, brute force RDP attacks, and ransomware. It also incorporates industry standard clean-up software to eliminate all traces of malware, and operates on a special, priority support system, to make sure our assistance is as quick and effective as possible. All systems are designed to conserve resources, to be implemented in minutes, and to keep all devices running smoothly while providing the very best in advanced scanning technology and comprehensive cyber security measures.

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