Real Bytes Partner

Kisi is a company dedicated to keeping you, your family and your business as secure as possible. Utilising technologically advanced solutions, they can provide security devices and systems that are safe, reliable, convenient and powerful.

Including door locks that can be controlled from your phone from anywhere in the world, with multiple users that can be tracked and removed at a moment’s notice, high resolution surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems and more, Kisi lets you take control over your office and home, and helps keep your most important places secure.

Real Bytes works with Kisi to install security systems in offices or homes for clients so you don’t have to worry about anything at any stage in the process.

We will set up security cameras, door locks and intrusion detection systems and give you access to them so that you can see what’s happening whenever you need to, from anywhere in the world – with ease. They even cover security and surveillance for elevators.