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The Company

TechXpress is an industry-leading provider of bulk technology services for Australian schools, corporations and government entities.
TechXpress are devoted to providing a seamless and straightforward solution for ordering wholesale technology accessories. Their mission is to create long-term customer relationships through offering unparalleled value and excellent customer service. NSW Government Schools, QLD Government Schools, WA Government Agencies, Libraries, and Large Corporations across Australia rely on TechXpress products!

RealBytes: Preferred Partner of TechXpress

Ever felt like you’re just not getting the tech support and products your business needs? TechXPress, serviced by RealBytes, merges technical knowledge with personalized customer service to ensure that all businesses receive the best experience when it comes to IT services and products. RealBytes are a preferred IT partner of TechXpress, providing the highest quality IT services to all customers. We have an experienced team of technicians who are dedicated to helping businesses save money, time and resources when it comes to IT management. From software installation and hardware repairs to system upgrades, RealBytes can do it all!

TechXpress Solutions

  • IT Supplier for Schools

    TechXpress is the go-to source for hundreds of private and public schools in Australia seeking bulk technology accessories. With years of expertise, they understand precisely what your school needs! They accept purchase orders and all their headphones satisfy Department of Education standards. RealBytes are here to help with all your TechXpress installation and maintenance needs.

  • IT Supplier for Government Agencies

    TechXpress is a preferred technology supplier to NSW, QLD and WA government agencies. They provide bulk technology accessories such as laptops, tablets, cables, software and more. They have established relationships with top distributors and manufacturers which enable them to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. RealBytes can also assist with all your TechXpress installations and maintenance needs.

  • IT Supplier for Large Corporations

    TechXpress is one of Australia’s leading bulk technology suppliers for large corporations, providing them with top of the line laptops, tablets, cables, software and more. RealBytes is your go-to solution for all TechXpress installation and maintenance needs. We ensure that you get the best support, every time!