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ServiceM8 is the app-of-choice for trades and services businesses that want to take control and work smarter with streamlined, real-time communication and collaboration between their offices, field staff and customers.

ServiceM8 provides an extensive range of user-friendly systems and services designed to enhance the efficiency of any business. With ServiceM8, you gain access to a comprehensive job management system that centralises job logging, encompassing site details and scheduling capabilities, and accommodating an unlimited number of clients and staff.

The same interface also supports payments and invoicing. A full list of the capabilities of ServiceM8 can be found on their website, but in brief, they offer job management, staff scheduling, and complete job history tracking, as well as quoting and invoicing. They support online bookings and live quotes, card payments, and mobile support, as well as accounting integrations, and intricate, carefully assembled reporting, among a slew of other systems and services.

Key Features & Benefits

ServiceM8 offers a vast array of premium services and systems.  ServiceM8 allows users to track employees geographically, and automate signing in and out of work sites, as well as support real-time updates to staff concerning jobs and storing detailed contact information for clients.

A strong emphasis on real time communication and integration allows ServiceM8 to equip any business with a terrific degree of flexibility, automation, and interconnectedness—allowing customers to make the very most of the finest technology available.

  • Field Service Management

    • Manage jobs from start to finish.
    • Schedule, dispatch, and communicate with field
      employees in real­time.
    • Communicate with clients and provide estimates and
      invoices from the field.
    • Use checklists and task lists to ensure a job is done
      right the first time.
    • Access client and job details from the field, anywhere,
  • Scheduling

    • Access a daily schedule from anywhere.
    • Use simple drag and drop functionality to schedule
    • Instantly notify employees of schedule changes with
      push notifications.
  • Quoting and Invoicing

    ServiceM8 is dedicated to easy invoicing, allowing users to create invoices or quotes in seconds. It supports online quote acceptance, and a wide range of templates, as well as live statements for outstanding invoices, quote options, and preset ‘bundles’ to better streamline quoting and invoicing.

  • Time Tracking

    The app provided by ServiceM8 allows for billable time tracking and shift time tracking, automatic check in/out, clock on/off, smart labour rates, and automatic payroll timesheets.

  • Payments

    ServiceM8 supports mobile credit card processing, the ability to have recurring jobs auto-pay, and supports online invoice payment and contactless payment. It also provides Apple Pay support.

  • Communication

    ServiceM8allows for email and text messages to clients directly, with all communications saved to their job card, as customer replies. It also provides SMS and email templates which provide a consistent and professional message to clients, automatic on-the-way messages, live activity feeds, two-way SMS, staff messaging, arrival tracking, and the ability to see real-time updates of job progress on site.

  • Mobile

    The ServiceM8 mobile app has terrific capabilities for communication, navigation, quoting, job management, and invoicing, and can be used on Apple Watch. It also supports offline access, can be used on iPhone and iPad, and can be used to scan barcodes. It can implement Siri shortcuts for support, markup photos, scan documents, use AI photo tagging, draw and store diagrams, and takes full advantage of the latest iOS features.

  • Forms

    ServiceM8 allows users to create customised forms and reports, which are simply to complete, easy to build, incorporate flexible question types, and create checklists. It’s versatile, uses automatic storage.

  • Asset management

    Managing assets is vitally important, and ServiceM8 assists in this regard by cataloguing assets, allowing users to view their service history, register assets and service reports, and by providing a customer access portal, to view asset details or report issues online.

  • Online booking

    ServiceM8 ensures customers are able to access a 24/7 online booking system, complete with intelligent quoting, smart scheduling, deposits and prepayment through card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay, and offering flexible outcomes and the ability to track conversions through Facebook and Google.

  • Knowledge

    ServiceM8 allows customers to capture their business knowledge, recording expertise, tips, and procedures that can then be shared and made accessible in the field for staff to access.

  • ServiceM8 phone

    ServiceM8 provides an integrated phone system, streamlining calls and customer service, allowing staff to work remotely and provide next-level service. Users can maintain a single business number, record and transcribe calls, and auto-call clients.

  • Add-ons

    • Use over twenty add­ons that provide extra functionality
      without additional software, allowing ServiceM8 to
      adapt to current business needs.
    • Generate and complete safety documents, inspection
      reports, or industry­-specific compliance certificates.
    • Automatically remind clients of upcoming bookings.
    • Convert email work orders into jobs.
    • Simplify the management of repeat work and contracts.
    • Easily collect customer feedback.
  • Reports

    ServiceM8 supports automated in-built job and revenue reports, as well as daily and weekly reports on job status and invoicing. It provides the tools for clients to create custom reports and the ability to generate reports from exported data, and review weekly timesheets.

  • Integrations

    ServiceM8 integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB, Mailchimp Email Marketing, as well as Zapier—an app integrator enabling clients to build customised connections between ServiceM8 and over 500 other supported apps. ServiceM8 also has an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to connect ServiceM8 to third-party apps or software.

    Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments to prevent double entry, and reduce administration efforts.

  • Security

    The ServiceM8 platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the world leader in cloud infrastructure, which automatically backs up all user data, as well asd data on iPhones or iPads, and incorporates two-step authentication, account activity logs, and bank-grade security systems.

  • Support

    ServiceM8 offers comprehensive support services, such as email and chat support, a partner network, of which Realbytes is a proud member, a help centre, and a learning roadmap.

  • Back-Up & History

    • Rely on automatic cloud­-based backups on ServiceM8 servers.
    • Enable field employees with access to all data without internet connectivity, and data automatically syncs when connectivity is restored.
    • Access a full history of work done for every client, including notes, photos, emails, and messages, from anywhere.

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