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Microsoft IT solutions are all about empowering businesses to work smarter.

Microsoft has been instrumental in shaping powerful and widely adopted hardware and software solutions for businesses worldwide. They have elevated technology from mere tools to comprehensive and robust solutions, addressing numerous challenges businesses face.

With their impressive and effective suite of essential tools, Microsoft enables seamless collaboration, communication, and, consequently, improved productivity.

Microsoft’s innovations include Office 365, Azure, the Windows operating system, Outlook, Windows Server, Active Directory, and Modern Workplace, to name just a few.

At Real Bytes, we harness the cutting-edge software and hardware solutions pioneered by Microsoft to deliver our clients dependable, efficient, and productive methods for work and communication.

We provide customised Microsoft solutions, including;

  • Planning & Consultation

    We commence by engaging in in-depth consultations to grasp your business objectives and develop a plan. When it comes to determining which products and plans are best for your business, Microsoft’s comprehensive range of products can start to feel overwhelming. With our consultation services, clients are able to leverage our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products, as well as our partnership with this highly reputable technology giant to find the best tools for their unique business needs.

  • Licensing

    Microsoft offers a range of plans. We work with you to compare Microsoft Business Plans, to identify the solution for your business and budget.

  • Installation, Migration, Integration

    We provide a seamless migration process, guaranteeing a smooth transition for your business operations, systems and teams.Some of our services include;

    • Office 365 program suite installation and maintenance
    • Windows Server and Active Directory to manage users and computers across large-scale sites
    • Outlook emailing setups and administration
    • Windows installation and re-imaging on user devices
  • Training

    We provide training services to team members to ensure they can harness the full potential of your Microsoft tools.

  • Managed Services & Support

    Take advantage of our ongoing, dedicated IT support and guidance, including helpdesk, maintenance, upgrades and more.

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